EBDS Wireless & Antennas is one of the French leaders in the distribution of wireless communication solutions and antennas. Present in many market sectors, EBDS presents today its wide range of equipment for maritime, naval, nautical and coastal applications. The telecommunication equipment and antennas distributed by EBDS are industrially designed by international manufacturers, selected for the quality, robustness and performance of their products: VHF/UHF radio routers, GSM signal repeaters, marine antennas with saltwater certification, etc. The EBDS range is complete and rich for use in marine environments on all types of boats: ships, sailing boats, yachts, trawlers etc. EBDS has a range of professional brands whose equipment has been proven in the field: Poynting, Racom, Stella Doradus, Sirio Antenna

With more than 25 years of experience in wireless technologies, EBDS offers a range of robust equipment selected for their performance and reliability over time.

EBDS has a large stock of products in France and the expertise to respond quickly and efficiently to customer requests.