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GALAXY RIBS meet the toughest requirements for operation boats, law enforcement and patrol, heavy duty military or commercial use…  It features super-strong aluminium welded hull structure with D-TUBE and built-in flotation inside the hull.  There are several options for tube structure and cockpit arrangements available on request for different applications.

Flotation tube structure options for TRIDENT RANGE:

▪ Inflatable HYPALON/VALMEX D-tube
▪ FOAM-FILLED Hypalon coated D-tube with extra compression inflatable section.
▪ FOAM-FILLED and POLYURETHANE coated changeable flotation D-form bloc


  • Contact : Olivier CARAYON
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  • Phone : 09 71 55 22 51


  • Adress : 5511 chemin de la Muscatelle 13790 Chateauneuf le Rouge
  • Country: FRANCE