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The French BERNARD Shipyard located in the Lorient bay, has  been  building Glass Resine Plastic (GRP) worboats or service vessels from 10 to 30m since 1969.

Mono Hull - Catamaran Hull and Trimaran Hull.


BERNARD Shipyard is now one the French leaders of the Rescue

and Pilot boats building. Self-righting and Insubmersible boats.


We have many pilot boats references :

Emden - Cuxhaven - Bremerhaven - Hambourg - Hammerfest - Zeebruge -

Vlissigen - Oostende - Dunkerque - Le Havre - Saint Nazaire - Bordeaux - La Rochelle - Sète - Pointe à Pitre - Nlle Calédonie - Dakar.


-The S.N.S.M. (French Rescue Institution) has chosen BERNARD

Shipyard for 32 years to build more 96 lifeboats from 10m to 17m.


-Since 1998, BERNARD Shipyard has build the new range of high

speed hulls pilot & rescue crafts.

The ORC boats, based on the revolutionnary «BEAK» hull.

ORC class HSC (High Speed Crafts) are designed around the new and patented

« BEAK » hull design, also known as the « ORCA » Concept.


-Fishing boats in fiber glass between 10 and 25 meters types

Trawlers - Netters - Cabbers - Long liners for the fishing harbours of the Channel and Atlantic Ocean and Méditerranée.


-Passengers boats between 18 to 23m for Isles Bréhat - Batz - ports

of Quiberon - Vannes and Toulon.

Since a few months,We have a second shipyard specialzed for the built fiber glass :

- monolithic

- infusion GRP

- work painting


On the construction of vessels, we work in domains such as:

• Hull

• Superstructure

• Painting

• Internal joiner's workshop

• Machinais

• Rigging

• Hydraulics

• Insulation

• Naval architecture

Naval studies and architecture of vessels are made by our own research department

( 2 engineers draftsmen).


We work in collaboration on specific files with naval architect studies known.


We direct the shipyard on four development programms :


1°- Ships of Motor Sailor of 18m to 30m in « one off » Hauturier 180

2°- Trawlers new concept of 15m to 25m programme « Megaptère 210 »

Sustainable fishing.

3°- Vessels Action of the State at sea (Customs - military - survey coast guard).

4° - hydrofoil Craft - speed 45nds - Length 15m type Rescue or Pilot’s boat.



  • Contact : M.Georges BERNARD M.Marc BERNARD
  • E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Phone : 33 2 97 33 48 41


  • Adress : Port de pen-mané 565670 - Locmiquelic
  • Country: FRANCE