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ASAP France has now diversified its technical and advice offer, by launching a new offer of services dedicated to State Institutions (Units specialized in Intervention) and for the companies specialized in service of defence and maritime security.

ASAP France, a key player in the technological watch and the sales of operational equipment is pleased to announce the launch of its new structure.

From now on, ASAP France support costumers from special intervention units, security agencies and private societies of maritime security from their first technical-operational reflexion to the deployment in the field.

From this new activity, ASAP France has three main offers to answer the challenges of equipment and training requirement faced by deployed operational teams who must reach two goals: the improvement of their results and the optimisation of equipment, whether given or in the process of being improved!

Expertise « Operational excellence of the technology watch »

How to respond to an operational requirement?

In a fast-changing society, the technology remains a clear factor of progress. Military operations and security missions heavily depend on technology against predictable or unpredictable threats.

With our partners from each sector of activity, ASAP France takes part in national and international events in the fields of diving, defence, sailing, drone… To do so, we first meet our customers, then we explore new market opportunities and finally we expose our latest innovations. This is also the opportunity to create a new partnership with suppliers known for the quality of their products and services.

Expertise « Leading innovation in equipment »

Can your equipment be improved, modified, or adapted toward an operational goal?

The existing products improvement and creation of new products is at the heart of our activity. The relationship with our customers is improved throughout the year thanks to a variety of personalities: operatives, company managers, engineer, and project supervisors...

Our reflexion is based upon the feedback from the mission and analyses of the field requirements, following the cycle described below:

- The feedback or debriefing;

- Identification of the requirement;

- Determination of the orientation of the goals;

- The decision;

- The training;

- The implementation.

ASAP France, bring its expertise in order to improve and optimised the use of equipment in an operational process, from the identification of the requirements to the operational implementation.

Expertise «Driving of the professional training »

Are the program of the formation and the proposed option coherent with your operational project?

Do you have an experienced and qualified staff, as well as the equipment and materials fitted to your goal?

In a context where the equipment and materials are constantly evolving and where the insecurity is characterized by more and more important threats, the driving of the professional training plays, more than ever, a determining role in the performance and the control of the environment.

ASAP France bring the expertise and operational experiences from staff from law enforcement, Specials Forces, and intelligences services, in order to allow each client to reach their goal and master the use of their equipment and material.

A team of experts lead by a renowned leader!

With over 25 years of experiences, and technical skills acquired within the French Marines and 5 years of technical and commercials responsibilities in specialized societies, Xavier support his costumers to solve technical challenges and improve their performances through training, whether in France or abroad. During his career, he worked in a prestigious unit of the Specials Forces and acquired a strong experience in the sector of the aerial activities, underwater and counter maritime terrorism (CTM and CQB). Within ASAP France, Xavier is in charge of the development of the team, the choice of coherent equipment matching the operational needs. He also is in charge of the consulting and the training package for the clients. With his team, suppliers, and partners, he brings his expertise to set up innovated solutions and achieve their goal. 


  • Contact : Xavier Antonini
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