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Moteurs marins

We present marine diesel outboard/ inboard engines of excellent performance and fuel efficiency.

We present outboard/ inboard 200/250/300/400 HP/PS/CV diesel engines and outboard/ inboard duel-fuel benzine/gas engines Royssmarine RMD-200 diesel outboard engine has excellent performance, high torque, durability by applying a common rail and turbocharger with plasma exhaust gas recuperation system. Maximum improved external and internal hydrodynamic characteristics.

Optionally Royssmarine innovative diesel fuel pre-treatment system is used by gassing (saturation) with a hydrogen-oxygen mixture of diesel fuel. It is an eco-friendly diesel outboard that meets the marine environment regulations of the International Maritime Organization (IMO).

Horizontally mounted eco-friendly engine

Royssmarine outboards have a different concept from the vertical type outboard motors applied to most current outboards. It optimizes the center of gravity of the power head to minimize the power head vibration, and synchronizes each part to reduce output loss.

Diesel Engine

Plasma Exhaust Gas Recuperation System

Fuel Economy

Innovative Diesel Pre-treatment system

Excellent Performance & High Torque  ROYSSMARINE Gasoline/LPG engines
We offer electronically controlled outboards (gasoline/LPG type) developed based on V8 5,000cc engine. This product has dramatically improved the durability of the outboard by applying an engine that has been proven in the automotive field for decades

Product Design Features
LPG, Gasoline Engine

Hydraulic time chain drive with tensioner

Fuel Economy

CAN based control system

Aerodynamic modular design