KADRAN is an engineering company specializing in geometric measurement.

We carry out three-dimensional measurements dedicated to Industry, Structures and Infrastructure and Land Development sectors.

Passionate about measurement in all its dimensions, we support our clients on the issues of high-precision geometric measurements, 3D modeling and spatial data management.

To carry out our missions, we rely on the skills of a team of 30 engineers, metrologists, topographers, business managers, draftsmen, specialists in geometric measurement and geospatial data, committed to the success of projects since its creation in 2015.

We carry out very high precision measurements in all industrial sectors: automotive, aeronautics, rail, naval, space, nuclear, metallurgy, wind, food, artistic...

Our Industries business is divided into 6 sectors:


    • Quality control of parts of all sizes (centimetres to metres)
    • Geometric tool control and adjustment / assembly assistance

Reverse Engineering

    • 3D scan
    • 3D modeling
    • Sketching
    • 3D printing of prismatic and shapes objects of all sizes

Survey of industrial sites

    • Laser scan
    • Drone
    • 3D modeling
    • Virtual reality
    • Of construction
    • Simulation

Industrial topometry

    • Locations
    • Level and stability control
    • Control of cranes

Production chains

    • Digital clone for the study of your channel before it is implemented
    • Chain transfer


    • Support (advice, expertise, provision of staff and equipment, transfer of skills)
    • Automation, development, system measurement integrations

Since its establishment, Kadran has been supporting its customers in the maritime sector:


We regularly work on the construction of competition boats thanks to our expertise in this area : CDK, ENVSN, Fonderie LEMER, Mer Concept (François Gabart), Banque Populaire (Armel Le Cléac'h), Team PRB (Vincent Riou) / Arkea Paprec (Sébastien Simon), Apivia (Charlie Dalin), Corum (Mer Agitée pour Nicolas Troussel), Fenêtra Cardinal, Ciela Village 2…

Our missions are implantation of points on hull (cutting location, positioning of structures), scans of shapes (masters, molds, appendages, hulls...), and mounting assistance in real time (positioning a part of the boat in relation to a reference or another part of the boat).


We operate around the world on CMA CGM ships.

Our main mission is measuring the interior of ships on sea (3D scans) to realize 3D model parts for future upgrade.

Measurement and Maintenance

Les Chantiers de l’Atlantique regularly call on Kadran's multi-skills to realize measurements in extreme environment (measurement on the TGP in Saint-Nazaire). Kadran also makes measurements and/or controls on subjects directly related to ships, platforms, wind turbines, manufactured on their site or on partners sites.


Naval Group does not hesitate to draw on Kadran's expertise to improve the 3D control and scanning processes for floating and underwater vessels but also for the development of EMRs (marine energy) or the modernization of their sites.


  • Contact : BOUTIFLAT Alain
  • E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Phone : 07 88 32 00 93


  • Adress : 16 rue de la garde 44300 NANTES
  • Country: FRANCE