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Maritime services

Through its activities, Aero Innovative Services develops and promotes the applications of airborne drones in multiple professions in the fields of maritime safety and security. The services we offer include training, industrial applications, engineering assistance, expertise, testing, certification, “navalisation”, and allow pilots and organisations to improve the efficiency, safety and quality of their operations involving drones.

AIS intends to cater to government and business customers in need of high quality information to support decision-making processes in critical environments, in particular the maritime sector. AIS is committed to become a natural extension of satellite and aerospace services with multi-source solutions regarding the collecting, processing and disseminating of information, designed to support and improve customer operations.


AIS expertise spans the space, air, marine and submarine domains, relying on robust and highly operational platforms. Able to associate sensors and subsystems tailored to the needs of its customers with these platforms as well as perform information fusion and analysis, we aim at taking a unique stance in the air-land and air-sea fields, by combining performance, reactivity and reliability


  • Contact : Eric le Moulec
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  • Adress : 1, rue Honoré d’Estiennes d’Orves 56100 Lorient
  • Country: FRANCE