It began with an idea. To find a better alternative to traditional screw type connection technology. From this idea we developed spring clamp terminal blocks.

WAGO underpinned its conviction that this was the method of the future with the founding of the company in 1951 and has not wavered from this course since then. This technology has long since become the worldwide standard and modern electrical connecting systems and automation without WAGO products is unimaginable.

WAGO has organized its products into “INTERCONNECTIONS” and “AUTOMATION” sectors.

INTERCONNECTIONS - All WAGO products in the electrical connecting technology sector are based on the principle of spring force. Only these clamping and connecting systems can guarantee proper functioning and 100% reliability - and that all without any maintenance.

Easily clamped in a matter of seconds (and, where required just as quickly released), WAGO connecting, rail-mounted and PCB terminal blocks and connectors have proven themselves beyond a shadow of a doubt. In control cabinets or splitting boxes, on carrier rails, PCBs and cable ducts; the reliability of these products (WAGO 221, 2273, TOPJOB®S, WINSTA…) makes them ideal for use in all industrial applications and demanding environments.

AITOMATION - Flexibility and freedom in planning are the major advantages of modular and fieldbus-independent devices used for decentralized automation.

I/O systems, interface modules, power supply and surge protection systems from WAGO are used wherever the demand for high performance and 100% safety and reliability is present, such as in industry, in process engineering, in building automation and, of course, in all safety-related and hazardous areas.

With a coordinated product portfolio based on its WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM, WAGO consistently creates solutions for electrical and energy measurement technologies. Systematic energy management is more necessary than ever to enable significant reductions in ever-increasing energy costs.

WAGO's rail-mounted terminal blocks, connectors, and automation components have proven themselves in these applications for decades – regardless of in which industry and of how challenging are the environmental conditions.

Besides innovative products, and on its expertise and understanding of customer requirements and product application, WAGO also provide special services for customization and wiring of specific projects.



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