Swiss QuantEnergo SA/ Quantum Energy Doo is the developer and producer of innovative high technology, products and services. Swiss QuantEnergo’s core business is the development and promotion of high-tech energy systems in the field of alternative energy, including electromagnetic, hydrogen and plasma systems. Head office is located in Switzerland. Production office and workshop is located in Slovenia.

Plasma HyperJet is used in industries and in ship-building & maintenance - Technology Description

Plasma HyperJet is an innovative device performing 2 functions at the same time. It uses plasma supersonic thermo-abrasive method of cleaning surfaces from corrosion, limescale, carbonised deposits, hardened and old multilayer paints and other contaminants and Immediately applying protective anticorrosive coating of zinc or fire protective coating.

One device does two jobs in one go making it the most effective technique in the world currently in use. The operator only changes working modes with a special tumbler-switch.

Plasma HyperJet is intended for use in the open spaces, in field conditions and also in the closed facilities. Its mobile modification makes it possible for us to come to customer and work on site without the need of dissembling the large metal structures.


High Performance - Surface preparation and coating are carried out by ONE device. This allows application of coating onto the prepared surfaces without time delays, during which the surface layer of the prepared objects can get contaminated and oxidized. Avoiding this, the quality of the coating is stable and impeccable.

High Adhesion Coating - The resulting coating is characterized by high adhesion and works as an excellent base for paint and varnish covering. The combined coverage has protective properties that provide a successful, long-time exploitation of the metal construction.

Mobility - Mobile modification of the equipment makes it possible to come to customer and work on site without the need or ability of dissembling the large metal structures.

Safe & Easy to operate and maintain, easy to adapt to the technological process

Coating - Ability to apply different materials Zn, Al, Cu (metallization), also possible to apply composites (heterogeneous coatings)

Top among sand blasting equipment and metallization plants on the market

Minimum time between preparation of the surface and application of the protective coating

The degree of cleaning treatment is not lower than Sa-3 according to ISO 8501-01 and higher


Zn Zinc, Cu Copper, Al Aluminium, WC Tungsten carbide, Ti Titanium, Ni Nickel


Surface Deep Clean

We provide cleaning services, applicable to almost all types of surfaces, we routinely work on cleaning surfaces with metal and concrete.

Surface Metallization

Metallization services (coating) of various types of surfaces with the metals: Zinc, Aluminium, Copper.

Anticorrosion Protection & Fire-Proofing

We provide services for protection against corrosion for all surfaces

Concrete Sealing

Deep filling of cracks in concrete, repair of concrete structures (bridge pillars, structures in tunnels)

ROYSSMARINE DIESEL ENGINES : We present marine diesel outboard/ inboard engines of excellent performance and fuel efficiency.

We present outboard/ inboard 200/250/300/400 HP/PS/CV diesel engines and outboard/ inboard duel-fuel benzine/gas engines Royssmarine RMD-200 diesel outboard engine has excellent performance, high torque, durability by applying a common rail and turbocharger with plasma exhaust gas recuperation system. Maximum improved external and internal hydrodynamic characteristics.

Optionally Royssmarine innovative diesel fuel pre-treatment system is used by gassing (saturation) with a hydrogen-oxygen mixture of diesel fuel. It is an eco-friendly diesel outboard that meets the marine environment regulations of the International Maritime Organization (IMO).

Horizontally mounted eco-friendly engine

Royssmarine outboards have a different concept from the vertical type outboard motors applied to most current outboards. It optimizes the center of gravity of the power head to minimize the power head vibration, and synchronizes each part to reduce output loss.

Diesel Engine

Plasma Exhaust Gas Recuperation System

Fuel Economy

Innovative Diesel Pre-treatment system

Excellent Performance & High Torque  ROYSSMARINE Gasoline/LPG engines
We offer electronically controlled outboards (gasoline/LPG type) developed based on V8 5,000cc engine. This product has dramatically improved the durability of the outboard by applying an engine that has been proven in the automotive field for decades

Product Design Features
LPG, Gasoline Engine

Hydraulic time chain drive with tensioner

Fuel Economy

CAN based control system

Aerodynamic modular design