Sea Pole La Rochelle brings together ship repair and construction companies from La Rochelle. Through this new brand, they intend to highlight their skills and expertise as well as the quality of the infrastructures and tools (workshops, fairing area, dry docks, outfitting docks, boat lift) on a secure site, ideally located on the Atlantic seaboard.

For commercial and fishing fleets, civil or military administrations, yachts, Sea Pole La Rochelle companies offer a full range of shipbuilding and repair services.

This collective of companies from La Rochelle offers a complete offer combining dedicated skills, quality of infrastructures, reliability of tools, in the repair and shipbuilding service in La Rochelle, France.

Sea Pole La Rochelle is represented at NavExpo by AIS Elec - Atlantic Industry & Ship Electricity and Lecamus Naval - Naval Repair and Construction.

Other companies:

AMP - Ateliers Mécaniques des Pertuis

ARC - Atlantic Refit Center

ARN - Atlantique Réparation Navale

Compagnie Interîles – Maritime cruises

Ocea – Shipbuildings and industries

Port Atlantique La Rochelle

SETA – Société d’études et de travaux Anticorrosion