ROV Expert is an SME founded in February 2017 and based in Béziers.

We are a distribution and engineering company specialising in marine and underwater technologies and via its brand MDC Inter, in tools and sensors for hostile environments in general.

The company´s 3 main activités are:

- Sales, distribution and integration of marine and subsea sensors, systems and subsystems

- R&D: development and assembly of customised solutions : manufacturing and support of small and medium series of mini ROVs, on-demand inspection solutions for marine and hostile environments (underwater cameras, sonar, etc.)

- Robotics as a service: Rental service and maintenance of underwater and marine inspection systems and subsystems

In 7 years, ROV Expert has gained national and international recognition in these activities.

With 20 years of professional experience, including more than 10 years spent in an international context on 3 continents, ROV Expert is based in Béziers, but active worldwide.

We have an international network of partners to facilitate our motto:

"Always find the best solution for your mission"