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WES3 Wireless Fire and Emergency System

WES3 is the latest innovation in the field of fire alarm and emergency systems developed by Ramtech's fire experts. This advanced temporary alarm system certified to the European Standard EN54 has been developed to offer a simple, fast and reliable way to report fires and medical emergencies in complex environments.

Main advantages of the WES3 system

The WES3 system has been designed to offer a practical and economical fire detection solution :

- Cordless, robust, compact

- Compliant with EN54 and the guidance of the main insurers

- Reusable and reconfigurable indefinitely

- Mesh network, encrypted and secure to avoid interference

- Guaranteed 3-year battery life reducing running costs

- Simple and economical (no wiring required)

- Weatherproof (IP55)

- GSM option with SMS sending (up to 6 mobile phones)

- Interface that allows the connection of other devices to the WES network

- Silent test option to avoid disturbances

- Online management of several sites thanks to the REACT cloud software