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le marin watches the maritime info

Part of the Sipa Ouest France group, le marin, leader of the French maritime press, has covered maritime news since 1946.

Renewable marine energies, shipyards, ports, the fishing industry, working waterfronts and the environment, nautical industriesle marin, with an audience of 35 000 readers per week, echoes the different sectors of the maritime economy.

Every year, le marin publishes a range of special issues; some of them being bilingual in French/English the special issue Yachts, Offshore, Military industries, new ships

Each morning, from 5am, the newsletter is put online; featuring the highlights of the day, covering alternatively the various sectors of the maritime industry.

le marin has recently launched new attractive subscription offers to inform daily and at the right price, all actors of the maritime industry. Choose the one that suits you best on www.lemarin.fr