Created in March 2019, EODev (Energy Observer Developments) is the result of unique experience feedback acquired aboard Energy Observer: the first clean energy and autonomous hydrogen-powered vessel, developing innovative solutions for the environment. The company's mission is to accelerate the energy transition by offering sustainable, reliable, efficient and accessible industrial solutions. EODev's expertise and offer are spread across the entire energy value chain with zero-emission electro-hydrogen generators for land (GEH2®) or maritime and river (RexH2®) applications, and floating mobile stations for the distribution of hydrogen (STSH2). In addition to its industrial activities, EODev supports its clients in the design of tailor-made solutions for a successful energy mix with its Energy Designer design office, and facilitates the deployment of hydrogen mobility thanks to its H2 360 application. The fundraising carried out by EODev and the signing of partnerships with leading manufacturers have enabled the company to launch the industrialization and marketing of these innovative solutions.