Elkon was established in 1980 to design, manufacture, integrate and commission low-voltage electrical equipment and automation systems for the maritime industry. Elkon is an international and global brand and has an engineering and production center in Turkey, but the operation area is the whole of Europe.

Closely following the trends in developed countries, Elkon considers the concept of decarbonization, which means emission reduction and the greenhouse effect, as the company's vision. Carbon type starting electrification technology, which is one of the methods used to avoid fuel applications as innovative Elkon, added produced in Turkey gave a valuable contribution to the project each ship.
Elkon carries out intellectual and industrial production with rich human resources. Elkon, which is the target of producing technology for the shipbuilding industry, is working with a team of engineers who can manage the competition in high-demanding and challenging market conditions. The most experienced names in the sector, the winners with the innovation developed internationally, the innovative leaders in the field of automation and the powerful engineers in the project experience make Elkon a known player in the global arena.
Elkon employs 50 engineers (25 of them are design engineers) which equals to 132 thousand hours of engineering service per year, 20 white-collars, 200 installation workers and 30 workshop technicians in İstanbul. 

Having completed more than 550 projects since its establishment, Elkon supplies electrical systems to the following ship types

•  Tug Boats (conventional and LNG application);
•  Push Boats with Drive application.
•  Offshore Support vessels for mostly Scandinavian owners,
•  Fishing vessels and Trawlers for mostly Norwegian, Icelandic and Canadian owners
•  Conventional and Hybrid Ferries; Canada, Norway, UK.
•  Bitumen Tankers.
•  Yachts with Drive application.
•  Floating Docks.
•  Different types of Cargo vessels. 

Elkon works with BV, DNV-GL, LR, RİNA, Russian Registry etc…
Elkon has NATO plant security clearance and integrated quality system of ISO 9001, 14001 and OHSAS 18001 from RINA