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Vessel Equipment

Buffalo Pumps, part of Air and Liquid Systems Group, designs and manufactures precision equipment for critical systems that demand only the highest quality and performance. We manufacture custom-designed heat exchangers, specialized centrifugal pumps, and custom air handling equipment for markets that include marine, fossil-fueled and nuclear power generation markets, the United States Navy market, the pharmaceutical and bio-medical research markets, and the health care market. We are dedicated to continuously improving their great reputations of being leaders in our respective markets.

Quality marine centrifugal pumps have been manufactured by Buffalo Pumps and its predecessors for more than a century. While the defense market has been a significant segment of our business, commercial pumps have been the mainstay of our operation. We are a key supplier in the refrigeration, paper and lube-oil markets for all the major OEM’s. In addition, our canned pump technology has long been recognized as the most advanced in the industry.

Buffalo Pumps, founded in 1886, has overhaul capabilities to reproduce parts that were originally manufactured as far back as 40-50 years ago. Because of advances in technology, replacement parts are often superior to the originals.